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Goodbye, Monique: Requiem for a Brief Marriage
By John Nichols
Paperback; $15; 2019; $2 S&H

ISBN: 978-0-940875-12-8

Well-known New Mexico author, John Nichols, recounts the four-year marriage of his French mother and American father during World War II. Married in Paris, France, David and Monique struggle between 1939 and 1942 to make an idyllic life in Berkeley, California. That life is soon disrupted by Monique’s refugee family members escaping the European horrors. Monique’s health is fragile, and, when John is only two, she dies suddenly and tragically. Relying on the diaries, letters, and photos of family archives at home and abroad, Nichols creates creates a moving, often humorous portrait of the father he loves and the vivacious mother he never knew. The background story is a World War that impacted every aspect of their brief, yet remarkable, union.

Water as a Right of the Commons 1

!No Se Vende! Water as a Right of the Commons
By Kay Matthews
Paperback; $20; 2018  $3  S&H
ISBN 978-0-940875-11-1

For many years La Jicarita, an online journal of environmental politics, covered the management of water that is so critical to the well being of both the human and natural world in northern New Mexico. But the future of that water, managed as a right of the commons, is also inextricably linked to the policies and prejudices of those at the state and federal level who are engaged in its commodification—determining its “highest and best” use, a euphemism for movement to money. If market forces continue to control who’s going to get the water there won’t be much hope for mutually beneficial ways of life, justice, or beauty. !No Se Vende! Water as a Right of the Commons compiles those years of reporting as it guides the reader through the history and struggles of those trying to keep that right alive.

Unfucking believable cover

Unf*#!ing Believable
By Kay Matthews
Paperback; $20; 2017 $3 S&H
ISBN 978-0-940875-10-4

These essays cover a lot of terrain: politics; family life; being a parciante in northern New Mexico; music, art, and literature; profiles; sports; travel; and cultural criticism—anything and everything that “comes via my senses . . . sometimes local in specificity but always global in application.” She quotes the great writer J.M. Coetzee’s explanation for writing his book Diary of a Bad Year: “An opportunity to grumble in public, an opportunity to take magic revenge on the world for declining to conform to my fantasies: how could I refuse?”

Los Alamos Revisited cover 3 inches

Los Alamos Revisited: A Workers’ History
By Peter Malmgren and Kay Matthews
Paperback: $18.00; 2017 $3 S&H
ISBN: 978-0-9973950-2-0
Wink Books, Distributed by Acequia Madre Press

This book is the culmination of an oral history begun in 2000 called “Los Alamos Revisited,” which told the story of the creation of the Los Alamos National Laboratory from the point of view of the people who helped build it. The historical record is filled with accounts from scientists and pundits, but the voices of the technicians, engineers, trades people, and many others remained silent. The project recognized this as a significant gap in 20th century New Mexico history and thought it was worth trying to fill.

I’m Glad You Asked
By Kay  Matthews
Illustrated by Michelle Bourque Sewards
Paperback: $7.50; 1986
ISBN 978-0-940873-9

The story of Franny and Peter and their encounters with crows, coyote, bear, skunk, and rattlesnake. Based on Native American animal myths. Ages 3-8.

Day Hikes in the Taos Area, Expanded to Include Cross-Country Skiing
By Kay Matthews
Paperback: $14.95; 2008
ISBN 978-0-940875-09-8
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A hiking guide to Carson National Forest trails near Taos, including Taos Canyon, the Wheeler Peak area, Red River, Tres Ritos, and Santa Barbara Campground. Includes information on management, weather and life zones, safety, and hiking etiquette.

Hiking the Wilderness: A Backpacking Guide to the Wheeler Peak, Pecos, and San Pedro Parks Wilderness Areas
By Kay Matthews
Paperback: $12.95; 1993
ISBN 978-0-940875-08-X

A backpacking guide with extensive information on equipment, planning, cooking (including recipes), clothing, safety, etiquette, and backpacking with children. Trails in the Wheeler Peak, Pecos, and San Pedro Parks wilderness areas are described in detail.

Hiking the Mountain Trails of Santa Fe: A Guide to Trails, People, Places, and Events
By Kay Matthews
Paperback; $10.95; 1993
ISBN 978-0-940875-05-5

This guidebook includes historical and environmental references as well as detailed trail descriptions in the Santa Fe Ski Basin, the Las Vegas area, and Bandelier National Monument.

Cross-Country Skiing in Northern New Mexico: An Introduction and Trail Guide
By Kay Matthews
Paperback; $10.95; 1993
ISBN 978-0-940875-00-4
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The introduction provides information on equipment, technique, safety, and skiing with children. The detailed trail guide describes over 80 ski tours in the Cibola, Santa Fe, and Carson national forests.

Hiking Trails of the Sandia and Manzano Mountains
By Kay Matthews
Paperback: $12.95; 1995
ISBN 978-0-9408750-6-3
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As a former wilderness patrol for Cibola National Forest, Kay’s trail descriptions are anecdotal and full of first-hand information on plants, animals, history, geology, and management.